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With the rise of counterfeit medicines in India, many people are looking for ways to obtain authentic prescription drugs. is a Canadian pharmacy that has been in business since 2002 and offers deals on prescription medications, both brand-name and generic. is an online pharmacy with a brick-and-mortar location in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Reputation History has done something wrong by engaging in fraud or illegal activity. Many reports on various websites say how these people do business illegally, while others say they take your money and run.

The website was outed several years ago when it was found to have a fake track record as the owners were posting comments on a news article about how well their business was going while not disclosing they owned the company.

Since then, has changed tactics and now sends spam emails pretending to be a customer in need of pills and asking for assistance from the website visitor.

The spam email usually contains fake words like ‘favor’ or things that aren’t medically related, such as ‘send an email back.’

This is a common trend, with many fraudulent online pharmacy websites sending out large amounts of spam emails hoping someone will bite.

Customers Reviews

Customers’ reviews are flawed, with many posting complaints about delayed shipping times and counterfeit pills being sent instead of what was ordered.

There have also been numerous Reddit posts warning others against trusting this website as they seem untrustworthy from other sources such as Trustpilot, which rates them 2% out of five stars after dozens upon dozens of negative customer feedback is received over time.

There are no customer reviews available on their website, which should be a red flag because even the worst online pharmacies will at least post a few positive thoughts to show off.

Shipping & Delivery

We know that shipping can be expensive. They offer free shipping for orders over $199 with a Canadian address and $99 from their international partners, but the minimum is still only $25.00! You’ll receive your package within 10-14 or 16-18 business days, respectively, so it won’t take too long to get more of what you need at home without any extra fees! What do you think? Is this an offer worth considering?

Payment Methods

To buy from CanadaDrugsOnline, you will have to manually send them Checks and International Money Orders which is not recommended.

The website does not accept PayPal, so if you use that for online purchases, you will not be able to purchase pills or anything else on their website.

Is CanadaDrugsOnline legitimate?

The criminal activity is suspected; it’s highly recommended to stay away from this online pharmacy. They are not a legitimate business and will likely take your money while sending you fake pills or nothing. does not require a prescription, but most of their products seem to be used for recreational purposes and not for medical reasons.

The website does seem to be more geared towards recreational drugs than pharmaceuticals as they have hundreds of steroids for sale, some of them, not even FDA approved or registered, such as DHEA.


You do not purchase drugs from CanadaDrugsOnline as they appear to be nothing more than another fraudulent online pharmacy looking for victims.

They offer no security and send out fake pills or even nothing while taking your money and laughing when you realize you’ve been scammed.

There is a reason why this online pharmacy has no reviews; it’s because they are not a legitimate business and will be shut down one day.

You should avoid anywhere that does not require a prescription, especially if the pills you’re buying are for recreational purposes, as it shows they are not a legitimate business.

You should also avoid online pharmacy websites that engage in spam email, especially if there is no security for payments and when you can buy the same thing cheaper at your local drug store.

What do we think about

We think they are fraudulent and should be boycotted. Do not purchase drugs from, or you may find yourself out some money; scamming is a common trend with online pharmacy websites that cannot be trusted.

Our rating was based on their poor security features and that they do not require a prescription for so many of their products.

We considered that they do not have a loyalty program because most people who go to online pharmacy websites are trying to save money on medications; we didn’t like this either. receives no positive points from us as a company and more than likely will take your money; you’ve been warned.

If you have used as your online pharmacy, please leave a review with your experience below so we can have more information on the website to assist others.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching online pharmacy websites, looking for the best legitimate ones and offering great prices. We hope our research will lead you to purchase from a better online pharmacy website with an excellent reputation.

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We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching online pharmacy websites, finding the best legitimate ones, and offering great prices. We hope our research will lead you to purchase from a better online pharmacy website with an excellent reputation where they can provide you with the medications you need at affordable prices.

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  1. Jennifer says

    I was looking for a medication that would help my chronic pain. I found the site, and they had what seemed like an affordable price, so I decided to give them a try. When it arrived in the mail, however, there were problems with both packaging and dosage instructions on the label of each bottle, which left me very concerned about where these pills came from or if they’re even safe to take at all!

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