Why shouldn’t you buy Narcotics or Opioids online ?

Scheduled medicines require a doctor or other qualified health care professional to have examined you and talked to you about the medical issue in question.

Most medicines have at least some side-effects and these can be very serious for some people. You should never start a new course of medication or start taking any new pills without first seeing your health care professional.

Although The Internet had made it easy for anybody to get anything with couple of clicks , one should be aware of the risks that may appear later.

Five reasons to avoid buying Narcotics or Opioids online

online drugs police1- You may get counterfeit medications with Zero efficacy as the source of them is unknown.

2- You may get medicines that are manufactured in an overdose since these products were manufactured in non FDA approved locations.

3- You may face a law troubles for trafficking controlled drugs without a prescription as we have reported here.

4- You may lose money since most of the online sellers work  anonymously like the street dealers.

5- You may lose privacy since all of the online selling operations of narcotics are under the eye of the Interpol.

Final Words

If you are interested in buying narcotics from an online pharmacy, It’s advised to use a pharmacy accredited by VIPPS  also make sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the website. Make sure you also find out about how to get a refund if things go wrong.

Fake online pharmacies are scams that use the internet and spam emails to offer controlled medications like Phentermine, Xanax, Valium without prescription at very cheap prices . These scams can cause both financial and health problems. Even if you actually do receive the products that you order, there is no guarantee that they are the real thing. In some cases, the products may even damage your health.

Remember that there are legitimate online pharmacies which are licensed and guarantee patient privacy and confidentiality .

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