Big Hips & Small Waist – How To Get For A Hourglass Figure?

The hourglass figure is a sign of femininity. Many women want to know how they can get big hips and small waist. It’s not easy, but it is possible with the proper exercise and diet!

Many things contribute to an hourglass figure that does not have an exact measurement; it’s more about the proportion between your bust size to your hip size.

A common misconception is that they need to lose weight to get this body shape when all you need are some specific exercises for big hips and tight stomachs.

This guide will focus on how to get big hips and small waist for your body type by including exercises in your daily routine and wearing the suitable clothing styles for your body type!

What does it mean to have a feminine hourglass figure?

Femininity and big hips go hand in hand. The hourglass figure – the small waist with big, wide hips – is a sign of femininity. That’s why so many women want to know how to get big hips and a small waist for their body type! It’s not easy, but it is possible with the right exercises and clothing styles.

Is It Possible to Have Big Hips?

The big hip/small waist hourglass figure isn’t an impossible dream; it’s all about your proportions!

Assuming you already have a big bust, the next goal is to create big hips with a small waist for that perfect shape. With the right exercises and clothing, big hips and small waist can be yours in no time.

Some people are naturally predisposed to having big hips or a small waist due to genetics, but there’s still plenty you can do with your body type!

What are the different body shapes that women can have?

There are five primary shapes of body type in women:

  1. Pear: big hips, big bust
  2. Hourglass: small waist and big hips with big bust; the most feminine shape (think Sophia Loren)
  3. Triangle: wide shoulders, narrow hip.
  4. Straight Up And Down Shape/Rectangle: big bust and small hips
  5. Apple: big bust with wide hips.

Does Exercising Help?

Females with a very small waist cannot train their hip muscles directly. Any exercise that works the butt or hips and thighs will indirectly work the hip muscles to help create that coveted hourglass shape. Heavy Weighted Booty Exercises

Power up your booty with these heavyweight exercises that make it hard, round, and sexy.

Heavyweights are increasingly popular since they help tone muscles in ways other methods can’t match; moreover, they’re a great way to incorporate more strength training into an exercise routine for anyone who wants their body composition or fitness levels improved but doesn’t want to spend hours at the gym every day lifting light dumbbells as some people do – get ready fall head over heels!

How to Exercise for Hip Growth?

The first step is to incorporate hip-widening workouts into your routine!

Ensure you’re doing wide squats with a big lunge (20 reps) at least three times a week.

Incorporate some supersets in your routine: 20 reps of hip thrusts with reverse lunges (20 reps). This will help create big hips while toning up the muscles you’ll need to be able to maintain that small waist!

How To Make Your Waist Smaller?

The next step is to make your waist smaller!

Do exercises that tighten the stomach and back muscles, such as planks (20 reps) or bridges. It would help if you also tried some of these tips for big hips and small waists:

– Wear clothes with elastic bands around the middle or high-waisted skirts to accentuate the small waist.

– Wear a corset or other tight clothing to help you create big hips and small waist proportions!

When it comes down to it, many things contribute to an hourglass figure; your big bust size, for example, is only one factor in getting big hips with a smaller waist.

What is the Average Size of Hips and Waist for a Woman?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the average waist size for a woman in the United States is 38.7 inches, and it has increased from 10 years ago when it was 37.4 inches.

There isn’t much difference in the sizes across different countries. That’s because Asians and Caucasian people have similar hips measurements on average!

Why do women have bigger curves than men do?

This question does not have a definitive answer. The size of the cheeks, thighs, hips, and buttocks vary widely between different people.

Many people have been led to believe that this is because women produce more of the female hormone estrogen compared to men, who produce more male hormone testosterone due to an inherent evolutionary trait in women. However, there are other theories about how estrogen affects fat distribution which differ from this explanation; one approach, for example, states that it’s simply because women make less total muscle than men do on average, or they’re able to put less muscle on when they work out relative to their sister females while other proponents of this theory state that different hormones may be at play since both males and females can experience a condition called aromatase excess syndrome.

Therefore, the big hips and small waist combination is not an impossible dream as long as you have big breasts to start with!

How can I lose weight for better Big Hips?

Your hips are made of your femur bone and the two thigh bones attached to it at the top of your legs. Hence, exercises targeting these body parts will help slim down specific areas. For example, squats will sculpt your butt, but they’re also great for tightening up the back of the thighs and strengthening the knees.

You can learn more about other exercise tips by talking to a trainer or looking online for appropriate routines for larger hips. Further, by modifying your diet, you will moderate caloric intake and eliminate extra calories from liquid sources like sugar-laden beverages.

This reduces overall caloric intake and provides proper nutrition in place of empty calories, which slows fat production, leading to weight loss all around, even on those Big Hips.

– Eat a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins such as beans for protein or lentils for carbs. For breakfast, include eggs (or tofu), whole-wheat toast, and fruit.

– Eat every three to four hours during the day (and don’t forget to eat breakfast!) This reduces hunger pangs, leading people to overeat or snack on less healthy foods.

– Snack on a big green salad with beans and lean protein as well as some nuts for protein and fiber

– Avoid eating high sugar foods such as sodas, processed snacks, or sweets. This will reduce cravings for high fat/high-calorie food items, leading to weight gain.

– Eat a big salad with beans, lean protein, and nuts at dinner time (or eat three big salads throughout the day). This is healthy because it is a big meal with low calories.

– Get enough sleep; most adults need seven to nine hours per night to be healthy and alert throughout the day. Invest in a big, comfortable bed to help you sleep better and feel more rested throughout the day.

– Be active every day, get out of your chair or go for a walk outside! You don’t have to run marathons, but spend some time each day being active.

This reduces overall caloric intake and provides proper nutrition in place of empty calories, which slows fat production leading to weight loss all around–even on those big hips!

What to Wear, So You Can Show Off Your Curves?

Suggested specific pieces of clothing that show off your curves:

  • Curvy pencil skirts help create the impression of a curvy waist. Pair the dress with a form-fitting top for a sleek, business-appropriate look.
  • Big occasions offer an opportunity to pair less conventional colors and patterns. Highlight your bottom half with patterned pantyhose and heels or boots, both slimming options for women; virtually any shoe will work for men.
  • Derby shoes are not everyone’s favorite, but they’re perfect if you want to show off those sexy stiletto pumps.
  • Skirts can also help create the illusion of a small waist. Wear them with form-fitting tops that draw attention to your upper body and big hips rather than focus on your body’s lower half.

How to Keep Your Waist Tiny and Get Those Hips Even Bigger?

To keep your waist small, you need to do exercises that work the muscles under and around it. These include traditional abdominal crunches with a twist, side planks, superman, or yoga twists: Regularly perform these ab exercises while watching TV at night!


The big hip and small waist combination is the body shape that many women desire. It’s a sexy, feminine look with curves in all the right places. The problem? You can’t just exercise to get it! Genetics plays a huge role in shaping your figure, but there are some tricks you can do to make yourself appear more hourglass-like. From wearing shape-wear under certain clothes to mastering the art of “squeezing,” these tips will help you achieve this coveted look.

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