The Best Pill Crushers & Splitters [+ Buying Guide ]

Pills are an excellent way to get the medication you need, but they can be difficult to swallow. Pill crushers and splitters help break down pills into a powder form that is easier to digest and less intimidating for some.

We have compiled a 2021 list of our best favorite medical pill crushers on the market today, as well as reviews from other customers who have used them and buying guide with answers to most FAQ.

Want the Best Rated Crushers? Look no further!


#1 Silent Knight Pill Crusher

A heavy-duty pill crusher that can be used for crushing any size pills. It has a metal body, and it works well. It is easy to use and won’t break easily. Furthermore, it also comes with an extra replacement blade. This product is sold at a lower price point for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles.


#2 Powder Electronic Pulverizer

A high quality and powerful product which can crush the large pills into powder. It has a very strong motor with great power for crushing big tablets or capsules into powder. This product is very easy to use and clean, it also comes with a user manual for you to follow while using this machine.


#3 Ezy Dose Crusher

It has a smooth material that’s easy to clean and maintain. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use with just one hand. It is made from high quality medical grade plastic that doesn’t rust or corrode. This Pill Crusher can be used with a variety of medications including vitamins, minerals, herbs and more!


What is a Pill Crusher?

It is an innovative medical accessory, which looks like a bowl with sharp edges. It is used to crush large pills into smaller pieces or powder. Furthermore, it’s used by elderly patients mainly.

How Do They Work?

Pill Crusher and splitter works by breaking down your pills into a powder form. This makes it easier to swallow them with a drink of water or juice, instead of having to fight the pill down your throat.

Do I Need Pill Crusher?

Pill Crushers and splitters are not required for taking pills, but they make ingesting them much easier for some people – especially those who don’t like swallowing large tablets and capsules.

Benefits of Using Pill Crushers

  • Pill Crusher helps decrease anxiety over swallowing large tablets and capsules by crushing them in advance
  • By breaking down larger medicines, they can be taken more easily and the dosage can be adjusted more easily by the patient
  • Pill Crusher helps increase compliance with a medicine regimen
  • Pill Crusher is easy to use and provides an accurate dose of medication. They also eliminate environmental waste from pills that need to get thrown out after they have been used.

Disadvantages of Using Pill Crushers

Pill Crushers and medicine grinders are not the most convenient way to take medicine, especially if you need them on a regular basis

Pill Crusher should not be used with tablets that have been coated because it will crack and break into pieces which cannot be removed from between crevices.

What is Pill Crusher Made Of?

Pill crusher is made of different materials such as stainless steel, metal, acrylic, plastic, porcelain or granite.

What Size Should I Choose?

Size is an important factor when looking for a good pill crusher or a splitter. It depends on the type of medicine you need to crush and also on your personal preferences. The most common sizes are 0.04 oz., 0.08 oz., and 0.32 oz.

How Do I Use a Pill Crusher?

The following steps show the process of using a Pill Crusher and splitter:

  1. Place the medicine inside the bowl and close it with its cover – twist to crush them until they become powdery or small pieces
  2. Add water if necessary, so that the powder can be mixed together
  3. After the mixture is ready, remove the bowl and use a spoon to mix it into a paste.

Do I Need to Use Water When Crushing Pills in a Crusher?

If you want the powder of your crushed medicine to adhere better, add some water or drinkable liquid into it and mix them up with a spoon until they become a thick paste. This way, all the ingredients will be evenly distributed across every pill particle.

Types of Pill Crushers and Cutters

Pill crushers available in different types such as:

  • Electronic automated pill crusher ( Electric Battery powered and operated ).
  • Manual crusher.
  • Bowl grinder.
  • Mortar and pestle pill crusher.
  • Disposable cutter.

Why Do I Need to Avoid Using Metal Pill Crushers?

Metal Pill crusher should not be used on tablets that have a coating because the tablet will crack and break into pieces which cannot be removed from between crevices.

What About Pill Crusher Reviews?

Reviews of pill crusher vary from customer to customer. Some found it very easy to use and would recommend the product.

Others say that this is not a convenient great way for them to take medicine because they need to cut pills on a regular basis, or if they have problems swallowing tablets whole due to pain, disability or anxiety over taking pills.

In general, most customers are satisfied with the Pill Crusher and would recommend it as a choice for cutting medications and vitamin supplements.

How to Choose the Best Pill Crusher?

Pill crushers come in two varieties. One type is the manual or hand operated crusher, and the other type is electric. The electric crusher operates at much higher speeds than the manual, but has more expensive up front costs than a manual one. The electric crusher will also give you an additional benefit because it can be used to crush pills for things besides just vitamins – like tablets for veterinary products too! However, if you decide not to buy an electric one now, and you start to get severe back pain at any point from crushing your vitamins manually all the time, then your best bet may be to go ahead with an electric one because it saves so much effort over the long run.

How to Clean a Pill Crusher?

If the pill crusher is full of hardened residue. If this is the case, then you will have to use a towel or sponge soak some dish soap and water and scrub at the residue (if there’s leftover pills in there too, then be sure to collect those).

Sometimes you just need a good scrub down. Other than that, if possible, give them a bath with dish soap and hot water to get all powder out of pill crusher only after you’ve already taken off any labels or indents that might come off. It’s hard enough trying to get rid of small little pieces of plastic without removing more parts in the process to get all the powder out.

Where Can I Buy a Pill Crusher?

Pill cutters are widely available in many retail stores. You might also find one at a pharmacy or health food store, as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, eBay and CVS.

How to Crush Pills Without a Pill Crusher?

The way professional Crusher work is by containing tiny pins that are crafted together into a ball shape, which crushes up medication in between them every time they’re hit together.

For some people, crushing medication with other things might seem like a good idea, but it’s actually risky because of how fragile pills can be, especially if they have to go through multiple layers of clothing or thick objects without getting crushed along the way. Let me give you an example of something that has helped me recently when my daughter had to take her allergy meds for school; instead of going out and buying an expensive pill crusher, I used a can opener to crush them up. It worked well, and it was cheap too – but the downside is that there’s no way to put the pieces back together again, and that is a major issue when you’re dealing with such delicate pills.


To help you find the perfect pill crusher, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our ranking list of recommendable best pill crushers. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged convenience way.

Pills are an excellent way to get the medication you need, but they can be difficult to swallow. Pill crushers pouches help split pills or  break down tablets into a powder form that is easier to digest and less intimidating for some. We have compiled a list of our favorite portable pill crushers on the market today, as well as reviews from other customers who have used them!

There are a few things that will always remain true. First, make sure the splitter device doesn’t break or weaken your pills too much by making them too powdery. Second of, none of the buttons should stick or be hard to press, so you don’t accidentally break a tablet if you tap one with your finger while crushing it with an enclosed tray. Thirdly, the part where tablets enter into their chamber should be wide enough, so they don’t get stuck inside.



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