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Nasal Congestion Home Remedies

Best 5 Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion occurs when the nasal passages obstruct mucus hindering breathing, this is a generally transient condition that is not serious but can be very annoying especially for children.

The main symptom of nasal congestion is mucus that can be dense or watery and fall from the nose due to inertia, which is known as drip.

Other symptoms are irritation, itching, swelling, etc. All of them related to excess mucus, in addition to the sensation of drowning caused by the obstruction.

Causes of nasal congestion

  • The cold : is usually the most common cause in all people being able to manifest at any time of year and its remission occurs spontaneously without requiring treatment most of the time. In these cases the congestion is accompanied by other symptoms characteristic of the cold such as tearing, chills, headache, sore throat, etc. If the discomfort is very persistent, you can resort to preparations of high concentration of vitamin C to shorten the recovery time and that can be combined with inhalers based on marine salts to release the nasal cavities and expel the mucosa outwards.
  • Influenza : the symptomatology is similar to the previous point but it manifests more strongly and virulently, including fever in most cases. Treatments include the aforementioned in addition to analgesics and antipyretics to control the temperature.
  • Conventional rhinitis : it is an alteration of the olfactory response to intense stimuli such as perfume or cleaning products and to sudden changes in temperature that respond with an excessive mucus of watery texture that can cause obstruction when exposed to the mentioned situations.
  • Allergic rhinitis : in this case the reaction is conditioned by a specific element that acts as an allergen and generates the trigger, such as pollen, dust mites, cat hair etc. The symptoms and treatment are the same as those used in rhinitis non-allergic and in addition the exposure to the reagent must be reduced.
  • Sinusitis: it is a chronic condition that is characterized by the obstruction of the paranasal sinuses, which are the cavities located in the cranial spaces below the eyes by the mucus. In addition to the discomfort caused by the pressure exerted by the mucus, the symptoms associated presents headaches in a large number of people who can be moderate to strong.The treatments for this pathology are focused on reducing discomfort and induce the remission of outbreaks, so they are only provided when they occur. The medications used are usually antibiotics and corticosteroids. In the most severe cases of sinusitis surgery can be evaluated to clean the sinus cavities,
  • Nasal polyps : are obstructive growths in the nose that sometimes occur as a result of recurrent rhinitis, but in other cases can occur congenitally in people with a family history that present. When the polyps are produced by rhinitis can remit suppressing the administration of corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory drugs, but in most cases they need to be removed surgically to remove them completely.

Home remedies for nasal congestion

Home remedies for nasal congestion are very common, noting that we must be careful to avoid any allergic reaction in the components.

1. Eucalyptus leaves

remedy eucalyptus leavesBoil eucalyptus leaves in a container and breathe in their vapor, which will help us to get rid of this discomfort and decongest the nose and respiratory tract.

2. Herbal tea

Herbal infusion remedyIt will be necessary to get some bay leaves, sage and also a few cinnamon sticks that will need to be put in hot water. We must point out that the smell will be very strong and will help to unclog our nose. It is necessary to heat it for a lapse of 5 to 10 minutes, once this can be taken calmly, although everything will depend that its flavor can be tolerated or simply try to “smell” it.

3. Honey and vinegar

honey remedyInside a glass of water, we need to add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, as well as 2 tablespoons of honey; they will be left to rest for a period of 3 minutes and once they are taken immediately. It is recommended to take it 3 times a day for a week to remove this discomfort.

4. Water vapor

water vapor remedyIn a container, water will be placed to heat and leave it until smoke appears continuously. Once this, we will put a mask on our head and close our eyes to start trying to breathe in the smoke. According to this, it will help us to remove the discomfort of nasal congestion.

5. Water with sea salt

water remedy in nasal passagesApply a few drops of water with sea salt directly on the nasal passages, help to reduce inflammation of the nasal tissues, facilitating breathing.

Recommendations for Cure

How to relieve nasal congestion? Apart from the home remedies, here I mention some recommendations and advice.

  1. Sleeping on the side , when you suffer from nasal congestion, some postures are more conducive to sleep as being on your side, because positioning your head on your back can exacerbate the feeling of drowning if the mucus is transferred to the throat by the inertia of gravity.
  1. Nasal cleansers  help provide temporary relief of blockages by decreasing the time of mucus recurrence.
  1. Humidifiers  can be useful in rhinitis and recurrent congestion by keeping the nose moisturized avoiding inflammation.
  1. Drinking liquids  especially water is a great help to dissolve the mucus and lighten its texture, favoring its expulsion.
  1. Changing sheets  and pillowcases is useful when the congestion is due to an infectious process to avoid the permanence of microorganisms in the contact space.
  1. Remove dust . Being in clean places without dust, dust can damage mucous membranes.
  1. Take spicy food . Spicy food helps the nasal secretions flow better and therefore helps relieve pressure on the sinuses.
  1. Avoid going to the pool . If you suffer from nasal congestion it is advisable not to have contact with chlorinated water since this can irritate the mucous membranes and thus worsen the issue.
  1. Perform exercise . Exercise helps naturally decongest. By raising the heart rate helps to better clear nasal secretions.
  1. Hot shower . Performing a good hot shower has effects similar to some remedies described above such as breathing eucalyptus leaves. Hot water creates warm moist air that helps the nasal passages clear while relieving pressure on the sinuses.

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