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Herbal Remedies to Fight Hair Loss

Best 3 Herbal Remedies to Fight Hair Loss

We all suffer hair loss. Whether due to stress or metabolic changes, there are times when it disturbs us to see our hair a little less thick. What can we do? A good diet is always basic, where there is no lack of minerals such as iron or zinc. Also, these herbal remedies can do a lot for you. Discover them!

Sometimes we suffer from a lack of iron, for example. Frequent cause for which we suffer this classic hair loss . Other times it is due to changes in the metabolism, or diseases such as hypothyroidism, without overlooking the hereditary factor and even the passage of time, who often put up barriers to continue maintaining a thick and beautiful mane. Everything must be taken into account.

But can these herbal remedies really help us? Obviously we have to consider them as complements, as remedies that can help us but that will not do at all that the hair grows abundantly. What they do is stimulate and nourish the hair follicles for example. They treat it and repair it, hence its benefit and help.  It’s worth trying. Let’s take note then.

1. Rosemary and nettle lotion


Simply fabulous. A classic remedy that was followed in antiquity to mitigate for example the baldness in men, since the nettle root what it does first of all is to block the production of the hormone DHT that is responsible for baldness in men . And how do we make this lotion? very easy. We have only to take a root of nettle and two sprigs of rosemary to cook them with two glasses of water. Once they have taken their infusion, let it cool. Then, apply the lotion on wet hair for a massage and then wipe with warm water.

2. Remedy with horsetail and geranium


Surprised by this combination? It is very adequate. Its effectiveness is based above all on the fact that horsetail contains cysteine, selenium and silica, elements that strengthen the hair and promote its growth. If we combine it with geranium, we further nourish the follicles so that the hair will come out again . To do it, you only have to take a liter of boiling water, and put 7 spoonfuls of horsetail and five leaves of your geraniums. Very easy. Let it sit and then apply it to damp hair. Make an energetic massage and do not rinse. Do not use a hairdryer either. Allow it to dry outdoors. If you do it 3 times a week you will see the results.

3. Apple vinegar and sage tea lotion

Apple vinager
A third remedy that you should try. It is known that apple cider vinegar contains sulfur, an essential element for hair health. If we combine it with salvia we can nourish the entire scalp to stimulate hair growth and take care of it in turn.  You only have to make an infusion of sage, two glasses for three tablespoons of this medicinal plant. Once it reaches a boil, let it rest and introduce a half glass of apple cider vinegar. Once again, we massage with this lotion with wet hair and afterwards, we rinse ourselves with warm water, then wash with our usual shampoo. And quiet, we will stay the smell of vinegar, on the contrary, your hair will shine and will be very beautiful. We tested it?

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