What’s the Average Girth Size of Men – How to Measure & Improve?

Do you know the average girth size of a male penis? If not, do not worry. There are plenty of sites with information on that topic. What I want to talk about is how we as women react to this knowledge in our society today and what it means to us sexually.

More specifically, what does it mean when there is an expectation for men to have a larger than average girth size? Does this change your perception of men with smaller than average penises or those who refuse surgery?  Knowledge can be empowering but also disheartening when we are expected to be something more than we are naturally-even if that something is just an inch bigger around!

It is difficult to find reliable information about average penis size. There are a number of studies that show different measurements, and they all have their own methodology for counting the data. This post will explore some of these studies, as well as provide an overview on what we know so far about the average girth size.

Some men these days just focus on the size of their penis. In fact, many people in this generation are quick to judge by length alone. However, when it comes down to real sex life there’s more than meets the eye and those factors that should be taken into consideration need not necessarily revolve around a man’s “length.”

As we have mentioned before in our introduction, Bigger isn’t always better. However, with increased popularity for today’s porn industry as well as other sexual outlets such as prostitution or online dating sites like Tinder, where all one has is an image they can review. Which may only show part of what makes up your personality, someone might get caught up over how long something really matters nowadays!

The average vagina is often only 3 inches deep and most men have a penis that can reach the cervix, but girth size matters! In fact, research suggests it’s more important than length. This tissue at the opening of your vagina initiates high sensations when combined with larger sizes during intercourse.

What is the Average Size of a Man?

A lot of people wonder what the average girth size for a man is. Is it 7 inches? 8 ? 10? Well, according to this study conducted by The Kinsey Institute, in reality most men range from 4-5.5 inches long with an average 5-inch shaft circumference and 3 ½ -4 ¾ inch diameter head. (While these numbers varied slightly depending on ethnicity.) This means that there are plenty of options out there! There’s no need to worry about not measuring up because you’re still more than likely within those averages ranges!

This range provides the best stimulation possible without creating high levels of stress on your partner or any discomfort during penetration (although anything above “average” may create some issues depending on who you’re talking to).

The sweet spot for most couples is between 5 and 6 inches. Anything larger than that can be difficult to take, both in physicality and psychologically.

The average circumference of an erect penis is 9.31 cm, which translates to about 3.66 inches in the United States standard (considering that we are working with a unit system called “centimeters” and not just any old US units).

What’s the average penile length?

Average penile length varies widely with a mean of between 5 and 6-1/4 inches or 12.7-15.88 cm (Dickerman et al., 2011; Weinberg, 1996). Penis size does not correlate with the size of other body parts nor subcutaneous fat on the body (Dickerman et al., 2011). The length also correlates to foot size: Most people have feet somewhere in the range from 8 to 13 inches (33.02 cm), usually around 10 inches (25.4 cm)and those with short penises tend to have small feet as well. Those with larger than normal-sized feet are typically above average in penis length, too (Warren, 2016).

How to Measure Girth Size?

With the tape measure, you can use your thumb and index finger to feel for girth size. Wrap one hand around what is being measured while placing the other on top of it, with fingers touching both hands together at their tips.

You probably knew this before, but did you know that measuring a man’s width isn’t just as simple as wrapping a ribbon or string around his penis? If we don’t want any false measurements, then we should make sure there are exactly two inches between our thumbs when they wrap tightly enough all along its length so that no skin shifts out from under them; if anything slips through — even by millimeters! — then go back down and start again, right up until nothing does anymore!

Large Girth Size — What to Do?

Some men are born with what some would consider “too big”. This may cause them embarrassment or difficulty performing during sex due to their size either being too long and making penetration difficult in certain positions. Or wide enough that it causes pain when inserting fully into the woman’s vagina but not entering her cervix because of its girth as well. The best way around this is by having plenty of foreplay before engaging in vaginal sex. In addition to using lubricant if necessary, so she will be wetter which allows him better access without causing any discomfort on her end from his width alone.

Sex positions for men who have larger penises involve some trial and error. Finding the right position is important because deep penetration may be uncomfortable or painful, especially if you are a beginner when it comes to sex. Positions that allow partner control over angle of penetration can make all the difference in getting ready for this type of activity. Where they feel comfortable but also connected at certain points during intercourse without feeling too overpowered by their man’s size.

This will be a quick review of the basics in penis size. The first thing to know is that smaller does not necessarily mean better! While some partners may feel intimidated by large penises, others might consider them more pleasurable and satisfying during intercourse than small ones. However, if you are planning on using condoms with it then larger sizes do present challenges–but we can get into that later

How to Increase the Girth Size?

Men are constantly looking for ways to increase their size. They believe that they need a certain width in order to be successful with women, and if they don’t have it, then there is no hope! There can still be many other benefits, such as bettering sexual health or getting back into shape — but the main goal may not necessarily always lie within increased girth size.

Men think that because of media pressure from porn stars who work out obsessively before filming scenes, all men should look like them, regardless of how healthy these behaviors might make you feel. In reality, those actors go through extensive fitness routines beforehand, so people will see an idealized version vs what most regular guys would realistically look like when erect- this discrepancy between expectation vs reality only leads.

Well, we all know that size really does matter. But the truth is that there are some things you can do to increase your size without breaking a sweat! The Vigrx Plus product will help add girth and length in no time at all- and it’s completely safe with an easy return policy if you’re not satisfied.

It may sound too good to be true, but this magic pill actually works wonders for many men around the world who suffer from small manhood. All of these solutions take minutes out of their day while also being extremely affordable when compared side by side against other products on the market today.

One way to potentially increase the size of one’s penis is by looking at herbal remedies. By observing diets that are rich in testosterone, it may be possible for a man to experience a girth size increase.

There have been many people with theories on how best to enlarge their penises and most notably has been through diet modification or even alternative therapies, but what does research say?


When it comes to the size of a man’s penis, many have said, “it just matters how well you use what you’ve got”. However, that doesn’t seem to be entirely true. While length might matter more in some cases for penetration and orgasms, thickness is apparently key when considering sexual satisfaction.

If you’re not happy with the girth of your package, it may be time to start working for a new girth.

Some men prefer their girth tight and thin, while others like them on the fuller side. Either way, if you’re unhappy about how big or small yours is, then don’t fret because there’s always an option out there that will suit all preferences!

Have you ever wanted to know your girth size? It’s easy. You just need a ruler and privacy!

Measuring the average man can help him find out his valuable information about their own girth measurements, which is not something that men speak of with ease.

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