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Am I Pregnant ?! How Can You be Certain About Pregnancy

One of the doubts that women of childbearing age present with more frequency is regarding the possibility of being pregnant. Even those who do not want pregnancy can end up having sex without the protection of contraceptive methods, such as condoms or the contraceptive pill, risking a pregnancy.

Before asking yourself if you can be or get pregnant, keep in mind one fact: any unprotected sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy. Therefore, if you had unprotected sex, no matter how or when, there will always be the possibility of being pregnant.

In this guide, I will answer the most common questions that our readers ask us on this subject.

Can I be pregnant even without symptoms?

Yes, many pregnancies go unnoticed for several months. There are incredible cases in which the woman only discovers that she is pregnant when she goes into labor. Therefore, the fact that you do not have the classic symptoms of pregnancy, such as breast enlargement, nausea, appetite changes, fatigue and excess urination, is not enough to rule out a pregnancy.


Can I be pregnant even without my partner ejaculating inside me?

Yes. Without ejaculation the risk is lower, but even so it is possible that there were sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid that leaves the penis during sexual intercourse. Ejaculation increases the likelihood of pregnancy, but its absence is not enough, in any way, to prevent it.

Is pregnancy possible with interrupted intercourse?

Yes. As stated in the previous answer, the pre-ejaculatory fluid may contain sperm. In addition, it is common that the man does not manage to interrupt the intercourse in time, ejaculating partially in the vagina. The pregnancy rate in cases that practice interrupted intercourse reaches 20%, which is too high to be considered a reliable contraceptive method.

I had penetration without protection just for a few seconds, is it possible that I got pregnant?

Yes. If the penetration time was very short, the possibility of pregnancy is very low, however, any unprotected sexual relationship, even very fast and without ejaculation, can end in pregnancy.

Can I get pregnant while having sex during menstruation?

Yes. Being pregnant during menstruation is rare, but it is not impossible. Actually, technically speaking, pregnancy does not occur in menstruation, but a few days after the end of it. If the woman has a very short menstrual cycle, she may ovulate a few days after the end of menstruation. As the sperm can remain viable for up to 7 days in the female reproductive tract, if the relationship happens in the last days of the period it is possible that the sperm is still able to fertilize the ovum when it arises.

Is there any time in the menstrual cycle in which it is possible to get pregnant?

Theoretically, no. However, in the vast majority of women the period of menstruation is usually safe, being unlikely to occur a pregnancy having relationships in this phase. But there is no 100% security.

Is it possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding usually inhibits ovulation, making pregnancy unlikely. However, it is possible that some women ovulate during the period when they are still breastfeeding, mainly when they begin to reduce the frequency of blowjobs.

Is it possible to get pregnant if the man has only ejaculated outside the vagina?

Yes. It is also uncommon, but it is not impossible for some sperm to progress to the vagina and, from there, to the uterus.

Is it possible to get pregnant just by placing the penis in the vagina, without penetration?

It is unlikely, but if there is pre-ejaculatory fluid release, there is a small risk.

Can I be pregnant even if the pharmacy pregnancy test shows a negative result?

It depends. Most current tests, including pharmacy tests, already detect the presence of BHcG with just one day of menstrual delay. However, as the concentration of this hormone in this initial phase may be very low, it is possible that there are false negatives. The ideal is to perform an exam with at least a week of menstrual delay to minimize the risk of false results.

Therefore, if your period is less than a week ago, it is not possible to rule out a pregnancy with a negative result. Ideally, wait one more week and repeat the test, giving preference to the blood test.


My menstruation is late more than two weeks ago, but my pregnancy blood test was negative. Can I be pregnant?

Unlikely. Blood tests are more sensitive than pharmacy pregnancy tests. With two weeks or more of menstrual delay, false negatives are not expected to occur. The possibility of pregnancy in these cases is less than 1%.

I have pregnancy symptoms, my menstruation is late, but my Beta hCG is negative. Can I be pregnant?

This question is a variation of the previous question. In fact, the symptoms and the presence of menstrual delay do not matter. If the Beta hCG (pregnancy test) is negative, you are not pregnant. It is necessary to go to the gynecologist so that you can investigate the reason for your menstrual delay. The possibility that Beta hCG may be wrong in women with menstrual delay is ruled out.


Can I get pregnant having sex outside of the fertile period?

Yes. As already said, the sperm remains viable for a few days inside the female reproductive tract. If you have sex today and enter the fertile period within three or four days, there is a great chance of getting pregnant.

Can I be pregnant even if I have menstruation?

No. If menstruation came normally it is because there was no fertilization of the ovum. However, here is an important parenthesis. At the beginning of pregnancy there may be a small vaginal bleeding, which can easily be confused with menstruation. It is also possible that there is a little colic, which causes even more confusion. Therefore, the pregnant woman may believe that she menstruated, but in reality what happened was a small bleeding from pregnancy.


I think I’m pregnant, but menstruation came to me. Is it worthwhile to do the pregnancy test even like this?

Yes. If you think you are pregnant, testing is the only way to be certain in the short term. As I said before, some women confuse the bleeding that may occur after the implantation of the ovum in the uterus with menstruation.

Can I get pregnant even if I have sex with a condom?

Yes, but it is rare. Most condom failures happen because of misuse. Situations of condom burst, emptying or condom that is released from the penis happen because the condom was placed incorrectly. If the condom was used correctly, the risk of pregnancy is very low.

Can I get pregnant even using the contraceptive pill?

Yes, but it is even less likely that with the condom. If the contraceptive is taken correctly, the risk of pregnancy is less than 1%.

I missed a day in the use of the pill and I had sex, can I be pregnant?

Just one day of failure does not usually cause major alterations in the effectiveness of the contraceptive, except in the cases of so-called mini pills. In traditional pills, the risk exists, but it is low in these cases. On the other hand, if the failures occurred more than once or for more than one day in a row, there may be ovulation, increasing the risk of pregnancy.

Is it possible to be pregnant even having taken the morning-after pill?

If the morning-after pill has been taken within the first 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, the risk of failure is less than 3%. However, if after 3 weeks the menstruation has not come, a pregnancy test should be done.


I’m taking antibiotics and I had a sexual relationship. Is it possible that there is a failure in the pill?

Despite the popular belief that antibiotics cut the effect of the pill, in practice this does not happen as often. The only antibiotic that is effectively dangerous to associate with the pill is Rifampicin.

Other classes of antibiotics, such as tetracyclines, metronidazole, and penicillin derivatives, such as amoxicillin and cephalosporins, may also lower the estradiol level. But this effect seems to occur only in a small number of women. Just in case, as there is no way to know beforehand in which cases the antibiotics will cause more interaction, the use of the condom during the menstrual cycle in which it is under the effect of antibiotics is indicated.

I think I’m pregnant, how can I be certain?

There is no other way to diagnose a pregnancy without it being through the measurement of Beta hCG or ultrasound. If you think there is a risk of pregnancy, you need to take an exam. To be based only on symptoms or in the absence of menstruation is not safe.

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