AllDayChemist Review – Why Isn’t Legit? (Plus Answers to 11 Questions)

Online pharmacies are all the rage these days, and alldaychemist is one of them. As a customer, you may be wondering if it’s safe to order from alldaychemist? Or is alldaychemist legit? What payment methods do they offer? How much does alldaychemist shipping cost? Is alldaychemist legal or not? You will find those answers in this review of alldaychemist reviews!

Read this alldaychemist review to find out why so many people think alldaychemist is bad and how it has been rated by customers on various websites!

There’s been a lot of talk about alldaychemist online pharmacy, and the reviews are not all good. One person on Reddit said that alldaychemist is “a scam” while another says they was scammed for $2,000.

There are many people out there who have questions and are curious as to whether or not this site can be trusted; so I am going to answer all of these questions and more in this unbiased review!

What’s All Day Chemist?

  • Alldaychemist is an online pharmacy that sells all sorts of products, from medication to cosmetics.
  • Alldaychemist claims that they have been around since 2002 but it’s unclear who owns or operates it.
  • Alldaychemist is all about getting you your drugs as cheap and fast as possible, but there are a few big red flags that should make customers think twice before ordering from them.

From Where Will The Order Be Shipped ?

It was an exciting day when we received our order from Alldaychemist. But it took us by surprise to see that the package came all the way from Singapore as shown the following photo, rather than India as expected!

alldaychemist package from singapore

Is Alldaychemist Legit?

No, Alldaychemist is not safe or legit because of the following reasons:

  • Is not legit because the site does not require a prescription to order medication and they do not offer any type of guarantee or warranty in their refund policy page that you can’t receive your money back if there are problems with the products received.
  • Has a terrible reputation for their customer service, lack of transparency on the shipping process, and shoddy quality standards..
  • The site has many issues when it comes to all medications; some items are priced higher than they should be.
  • orders have been seized by customs authorities worldwide.
  • There have not been any reports of an online pharmacy getting orders wrong or delivering expired or inaccurate prescriptions like AllDayChemist has.
  • The shipping may take up to six weeks or even more of you live in rural area, the alldaychemist customer reviews show that this site it’s unreliable with taking orders too long to come. They will also charge cards without authorization which can lead to all sorts of financial issues.

It would be in your best interest to find another pharmacy and not make any purchases from all day chemist online or offline.

Alldaychemist physical pharmacy in india

Alldaychemist physical store in IndiaAlldaychemist physical pharmacy in IndiaWhy Alldaychemist Is Popular?

Alldaychemist recently became popular again after Youtubers were showing their followers and fans buying from them which caused customers to believe alldaychemist was legit.

Alldaychemist became even more popular when they were seen as an alternative for people who couldn’t afford expensive prescription medications.

Alldaychemist also became popular when all the reviews were coming in saying all their products were legit and safe which made customers believe alldaychemist was a legit site for purchasing medication. Most of these reviews were coming from alldaychemist themselves but customers didn’t know it.

Customers Ratings & Complaints

Alldaychemist is rated at a minimum of one star out of five stars with over 50% of these reviews showing up to be negative. When looking at the complaints, most seem to have had issues that involved either receiving fake or expired medications and billing fraud. These are some examples from this review site, all of which will be noted in this article as well.

These are just some of the complaints that have been noted on review sites like Trustpilot, but it is important to note these comments elsewhere as well.

Many people have noted in reviews that this site has been involved with scamming customers by providing fake or expired medications; some of these comments include complaining about billing fraud, too.

Alldaychemist Coupons

The site does not have any All Day Chemist coupon codes or promo codes for all their products to help lower prices for customers which is really quite disappointing, so it’s pretty clear that they don’t care about lowering their costs and instead are invested more into making money on sales.

This is also because all orders are all final, so if there is any issue with a customer’s order, it will be all on them to try and get their money back.

Alldaychemist has an offer for you! You can buy two boxes of pills and get the third box free.

Double Pills Offer

Alldaychemist is giving a great deal on their double pill packages: if you purchase one package, then they will provide another at no additional cost to you.

Do You Need A Prescription To Order?

No, you do not need a prescription to order from AllDaychemist. You can place an order without one. There is no need for a prescription on any medications shipped from or sold in India.

Alldaychemist ships medicines without requiring a physician’s referral or the mandatory consultation with them before placing an order .

What’s AllDaychemist Shipping Time?

There are two shipping options available with AllDaychemist. One option is a standard 25 to 27 business day delivery service, which starts when the product leaves their warehouse and ends after it arrives at your door step.

The other option includes an expedited for an extra fee per order which guarantees you’ll get your package within 21 days of placing the order regardless of where in the world the customers are located.

What’S Alldaychemist Shipping Cost?

The cost is 30$ per order and delivery is estimated to take up to three weeks before it arrives at its destination.

How Tracking Orders Work?

You can track your orders which have been placed on alldaychemist through Postal India Parcel System (PIPs).

Postal India Parcel System is the only option for tracking one’s orders with alldaychemist. The service provides information like when the order was dispatched from their warehouse, and then it receives updates at each stage of its journey like despatch, delivery by courier, and receipt of goods by customer. All this information may be checked either online or offline without any charges deducted from a customer’s account balance as long as they’ve registered themselves with Postal India Parcel System using their register number.

The website has some screenshots with detailed instructions to illustrate how to go about the whole process of registration and all the steps to be followed thereafter.

What’Re Alldaychemist Payment Methods?

You have a couple of choices when it comes to paying the bill. AllDaychemist accepts payment by credit card, debit card, prepaid visa or PayPal account to purchase products from the online store.

The payment processor they use does not charge in US dollars but rather in other currencies such as the Euro. The result is that your customer gets charged for more than you expected, which can lead to confusion on both sides of the transaction and affect a business’s bottom line.

eCheck, Checks and money orders are also accepted through mail order for a 3% surcharge fee.

They also have an option where you might be able to purchase their products with your Internet Banking money by doing a Wire Transfer to their bank account in India but it very slow and takes forever to deliver the orders paid for this option.

What’S The Best Alternative?

Alldaychemist might not have the best prices but they are able to ship internationally and offer a wide range of drugs. If you’re looking for an alternative, it is recommended that you use this pharmacy we reviewed which offers lower rates on all medications as well as free shipping worldwide. You’ll be surprised at how many options there are!

This alternative online pharmacy offers a lot of products and has competitive prices. There are many advantages to shopping at this site, such as the quick delivery timeframes they offer for your convenience.

If price is your primary concern then this alternative online pharmacy may be more up your alley since their rates seem lower and include free global delivery in addition to being available all day every day (no matter where on Earth!).

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