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Rxzona.com is platform for healthcare professionals, Patients, medical schools students and bloggers who want to share information, tips & tricks and unbiased reviews about medicines, diseases, treatments, supplements and herbals.

Rxzona goal

Rxzona want to present different controversial topics and provide you with answers for a large number of topics, touching directly or indirectly the field of health.

New technologies are useful in everyday life, but the use of some of them can be dangerous for the long term. The same goes for certain lifestyles and fashionable behaviors that may be harmful to the well-being of people.

Rxzona is completely independent and therefore not affiliated with any other party in the medical and pharmaceutical world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of Rxzona?
    Rxzona aims to support the user in the use phase of medication by placing experiences on the website. The user and his / her experiences with medicines are therefore central.

    Every experience is how that user experiences or interprets the medicine. Of course, the effect of a product can be different for everyone, because experiences are personal. mijnmedicijn.nl therefore always advises you to consult your attending physician / pharmacist if you have questions about medication and the possible start and / or change of medication.

  • Does this website undermine the position of the doctor or pharmacist?

    No, absolutely not. The choice of a remedy always remains the task of the physician. The patient, on the other hand, can be supported in his information needs, which means there can be more consultation between doctor and patient. Various studies also show that patient compliance is significantly increased when the patient is actively involved in his / her treatment (or medication).

  • How is privacy guaranteed?
    Rxzona considers the privacy of its visitors to its website essential for its activities. The data that someone gives when giving an opinion will be placed in a protected database. The information displayed on the website does not show any personal data. mijnmedicijn.nl always adheres to the conditions set by the Personal Data Protection Act. See also further information in the privacy statement on the website.

About Sharing Experiences

  • How does Rxzona guarantee the authenticity of the opinions?

    All incoming opinions are screened on different facets. Important elements of this can be: signaling opinions that come from the same address, language use and expressions, but also the number of opinions per drug per visitor is noticed. The checks are carried out under the responsibility of a pharmacist to ensure the quality of the website.

  • Can I give an opinion anonymously?

    All opinions are posted anonymously on the site. Your email address is only known at mijnmedicijn.nl.

  • How long does it take before my opinion is posted on the site?

    All opinions are screened and checked under the responsibility of a pharmacist before they are released on the website. Rxzona aims to have opinions on the site within 48 hours.

  • What do the stars mean in the experiences?
    Stars can be seen in the experiences. The idea here is the more stars, the better.
    In terms of effectiveness, ease of use and overall satisfaction, 1 star means: the drug is ineffective, it is difficult to take and the person is totally unhappy. 5 stars here means very effective, easy to take and very satisfied.
    In the amount and severity of the side effects, 1 star means: very many side effects or very serious side effects. 5 stars means that no side effects occur.
  • I have given an opinion but it is not shown. How is that possible?
    Rxzona reserves the right not to post an opinion or to delete text without giving a reason. Think of opinions with meaningless reactions or grievous and accusatory texts. It may also be that an opinion has not yet been reviewed, see the answer to the previous question.


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