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Foods That Increase Gout

7 Foods That Increase Gout You Did Not Know

If you have gout, you should avoid meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and alcoholic beverages to prevent seizures, as these foods increase the production of uric acid, a substance that accumulates in the joints and causes the typical pain and swelling of the disease.

However, the list of foods that should be avoided is greater, and being important is to be careful especially not to consume preparations that take ingredients that increase gout.
So here are 7 examples of foods that should be avoided:

1. Sushi

Most sushi pieces are made with fish and shellfish such as salmon, tuna and shrimp, and should be avoided. So, for those who do not resist sushi, preference should be given to pieces made with only fruits or with kani kama, remembering not to overdo the soy sauce because of the excess salt.

2. Restaurant food

In general, restaurant preparations and sauces are made with cubed beef broths to increase flavor and make the food more appealing to the customer. However, natural or cubed meat broths are rich in purines, favoring the increase of uric acid in the body.

So, always prefer to eat at home, because in addition to cheaper, home-cooked food also brings less fat and additives than restaurant meals.

3. Pizza

Those suffering from gout crises should avoid consuming pizzas especially outside the home, as most of the flavors contain forbidden foods such as ham, sausage, chicken and meat.

In these cases, to kill the desire for pizza the best choice is to prepare everything at home, with fillings based on cheese and vegetables. To facilitate, ready-made pasta and industrialized tomato sauce can also be used.

7 foods that increase gout and you did not know

4. Spaghetti carbonara

Although it is a delight, the spaghetti carbonara brings bacon as an ingredient, a food that increases uric acid. So, do not stop eating this delicious, vegetarian bacon, smoked tofu or vegetarian carpaccio.

5. Pamonha

Because it is rich in corn, it is also contraindicated in the diet of gout patients, especially during crises. However, it can be consumed sporadically in periods when uric acid is well controlled, and the same tip holds for dishes such as canjica and mugunza.

6. Liver pate

The liver pate, widely used in bread or toast, is very rich in purines, and therefore favors the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. The same goes for other viscera of animals like gizzard, heart and kidneys.

7. Porridge

Although healthy, oatmeal can not be consumed frequently because this cereal contains moderate amounts of purines and should be avoided mainly during crises.

Alcoholic beverages are especially contraindicated because they contain purines that lead to accumulation of uric acid in the blood and consequently in the joints. Although beer is more harmful, wine and other beverages should also not be consumed, especially in times of gout crisis.

To know what may not include in the diet, see what the diet for uric acid should be .

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