5 Risks Involved in Buying Drugs Online

Over the recent years, a thousand sites have been popping up offering prescribed medications to individuals without a prescription needed. We conduct a survey with 100 doctors based in the United States, the doctors have expressed that around half of their patients have admitted purchasing medications from online pharmacies.

Online pharmacies have become very popular today because of their convenience. Their cheaper prices have also encouraged people to purchase medicines online. Thus, because of their affordability, people opt to purchase drugs online instead of going to the neighboring drug stores. However, you must bear in mind that there are risks involved in buying drugs online, such as :

1- Counterfeit drugs

Most of the online pharmacies buy drugs from the black market. The drugs may be packaged exactly the same way as the original product. However, they are not original. These counterfeit drugs are designed in ways that trick even pharmacists into believing they are the best medication. The only way to tell if the solution is genuine or fake is by lab test. Impotence drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra brands are the most reported drugs to be counterfeited from developed countries in Africa and Latin America.

Because of buying medicines online, people have developed serious health problems such as pancreases failure and cirrhosis. Customers also receive wrong prescription because of improper labeling. Their products are produced using unsafe production standards.

2- Risk to medical and financial records

Most of the illegitimate online pharmacist does not protect the records of their customers. They do not use secure socket encryption layer to protect customer’s medical records. Thus, living customer’s records viable to anyone who may want to use the records for their own gain. They may even sell your records to other internet operators, making you a target for rip-off schemes.

3- Availability of scam websites

These websites are mainly created to take away money from innocent customers. They sell low quality drugs with the aim of luring customers to get money. The drugs eventually cause harm to a person’s health because the manufacturer’s origin is not viable.

4- Late delivery

Some online pharmacies promise to deliver products at a certain date, but they fail to. This can be a very serious problem for individuals who are in need of regular medication overnight.

5- Unlicensed

Most of the online pharmacists are unlicensed. Thus, they end up supplying drugs which have dangerous ingredients. They sell drugs which are either too weak or strong for the patients. They also give unapproved FDA or expired drugs.

Thankfully, you can avoid this by reading various reviews here at Rxzona.com . There are various reasons why you should view online pharmacists’ reviews before purchasing drugs online.

  • You will get a wealth of information about the pharmacy. Records such as their experience and the services they offer will be available on the review.
  • You will see all the popular websites that sell medication. Making you to have a variety of places where you can buy your medication online.
  • Some reviews will contain comments and feedback from customers to show you how their site runs their business.
  • You will get information about the scam websites. They are posted as soon as they are uncovered to help you not to become a victim of online fraud.
  • Most of the review sites will have a blog where they post different articles pertaining to health and medication. This gives you a clear picture of the products that you may be interested in.
  • The reviews also contain testimonials from actual buyers. Either in written form and videos. This shows that the online pharmacy is transparent.


Frequently, the online pharmacy websites can appear genuine and approved, be that as it may, a few websites are illicit and supply fake and even unsafe prescriptions to their clients, we have discussed this Scamming model while reviewing In house Pharmacy. By using the online reviews, you will be safe to buy your medication online. Make sure that the online pharmacy is known and licensed.

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