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Most 10 Common Myths You’ll Hear When You’re Pregnant

When a woman becomes pregnant, the first thing she will hear are myths or ‘grandmother’s tales’. There are many different and it depends on where you are if you are pregnant, you will hear one or the other. From Eres Mama we want to tell you some myths that you will most likely hear when you get pregnant, but beware, some are true.

Myths you’ll hear when you’re pregnant

1. You can not eat sushi

This myth is true. You will need to exclude all raw fish from your diet due to high levels of mercury and the possibility of bacterial contamination. It is even recommended that vegetarian sushi be treated with caution because the chef may have used the same knives that were used for raw fish and the risk of contamination may be high.

2. If I quit smoking when I get pregnant, the impact on the baby will be worse than if I continue to smoke


This myth is false. The nicotine binds to red blood cells instead of oxygen. The mother must drastically reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and quitting smoking (even being a passive smoker can be harmful) is highly recommended. There are doctors who advise that if the woman spends a lot of anxiety she smokes 3 a day, but no more.

3. If you have a very high belly, indicate that it will be a child

It’s myth is also false. The shape of the abdomen and the appearance of the belly has nothing to do with the sex of the child and has to do with the firmness and tone of the abdominal muscles that the mother has at the time of pregnancy.

4. I can continue doing the same exercises I did before I got pregnant

False. The exercise will have to be very moderate from the 29th week of pregnancy and do a smaller number of aerobic and abdominal exercises during the third trimester . Yoga and Pilates exercises are recommended, but if you have any doubts, ask your doctor to indicate which exercises are most suitable for you.

5. If I experience any bleeding, I should run to the hospital immediately

Myth that is totally true. All bleeding should be treated as something of risk and suspicious, so it should be investigated by health professionals to find out why it happens.

6. I can always get an epidural if the pain is too much during natural childbirth

That’s not true. Depending on the dilation that you have, the doctor will decide if it is safe to put on or not the epidural. It is best to decide before you go into labor and that your doctor tells you what the contraindications may be. Also, if during labor you are very dilated and you have an epidural, it is possible that the effects are reduced and you feel pain as well.

7. If I dye my hair I will hurt the development of the baby

False. The coloring of the hair does not harm the fetus, but there are investigations that expose how the inhalation of chemical gases during the dye procedure can affect, although there is nothing proven.

8. If I get stressed when I’m pregnant, my child is more likely to have cramping

True and false. Despite the tension that the mother experiences so as not to harm the fetus directly, it is true that with high levels of anxiety, anger or stress, the blood vessels that constrict the placenta (narrow), and this can lead to to an insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen in the placenta. This is related to anxiety and long-term stress.

9. Sleeping on your back during pregnancy is bad for the baby

True. If the mother sleeps on her back, she will experience a drop in blood pressure (supine hypotensive syndrome). This can cause a decrease in the fetal heart rate.

10. Drink a glass of red wine a day

False. It is not known how much alcohol can be considered safe during pregnancy. Regular consumption of alcohol leads to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and for this reason it is very important not to drink any alcohol during the pregnancy process. There are many available and tasty non-alcoholic beverages that can make you enjoy equally without risking your baby’s health.

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