A natural way to lower blood pressure in 5 minutes

Chinese medicine blood pressure

In addition to following a healthy and balanced diet, and doing exercises, you can take advantage of the wisdom of Chinese medicine to relax and stabilize your blood pressure. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a very serious health problem that risk the lives of those who suffer from it. High …

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How Does Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

smoking causes impotence and erectile dysfunction

What is the greatest terrorist threat to your penile erection on this planet? The international World Health Organization (WHO) might say, “Tobacco”. Here are a few smoking facts. Just one puff of tobacco smoke contains at least 4000 chemicals. Toxins make up 250 of them. Another 50 chemicals cause cancer. …

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My Review After A Personal Experience with Viagra

Viagra story review

When I was younger, I never imagined that I would someday need Viagra. In my twenties I had a very satisfying sex life and I never had trouble getting erections. In fact, sometimes, even the slightest sexual stimulation would cause me to get a hard-on which could sometimes be embarrassing. …

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6 Steps to use Viagra for first time safely

Viagra Safety dosage

Sildenafil Citrate, more popularly known as Viagra (Pfizer) is an effective cure for erectile dysfunction for men, and of course an anti-hypertension medicine. Without delving too much into the science, here’s how Viagra works: by stimulating the flow of blood as well as allowing the retention of the same in …

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Does Viagra increase sexual desire ?

Viagra increase sexual desire

Viagra has been a phenomenal drug mostly because of its side effects. Many people know Viagra not as an anti-hypertensive drug but because it can help treat erectile dysfunction. Although unintentionally made as such, the drug went to superstardom because of that side effect. Therefore, people believe that aside from …

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6 Answers about Taking Viagra Too Often

Viagra overdose and erection

Viagra is the brand name that Pfizer came up with for Sildenafil Citrate. Other drug manufacturers have their own brand of Sildenafil i.e. Revatio. The same was initially developed to help manage high blood pressure and like maladies. To a certain extent, Sildenafil Citrate does work. However it had a …

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Acai Berry Supplement review

Does Acai berry weight loss really work? Is Acai berry pill good for weight loss? In this review I will try to answer these questions. Many discussions, researches and forums are talking about this berry. Sometimes it has been called one of the healthiest foods on the planet! So how does …

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Apple cider vinegar Healthy benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar benefits

From centuries vinegar has been used for many purposes. Apple cider vinegar is a special type. You know that the main element of vinegar is the acetic acid. Like other vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar also contains acetic acid. In addition it also contains lactic, malic and citric acids. In this article I …

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Top 4 Clinical Tests to Diagnose Impotence

Male sexual impotence (sometimes referred to as erectile dysfunction or more generally as male sexual dysfunction) is a complicated disorder because it can be caused by a number of factors. Researchers have pinpointed a series of diseases and conditions that are linked to male sexual dysfunction. These include diabetes, heart …

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Impotence And Young Aged Men

impotence young age

Although we tend to think of erectile dysfunction and other male sexual dysfunction disorders as a problem of older men, a new study indicates that young men also suffer from sexual impotence at considerable rates. Recent research conducted by the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and the Children’s Memorial …

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